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November  2017
Early one morning recently after my husband had just gone to be with Jesus, I was reading my daily readings and it had a story about a young pilot in the war who was training to fly a bomber  and watch his best friend land the plane burst into flames. He sat there aghast but his instructor said take the runway and then again “don’t just sit there take the runway” and the Holy Spirit spoke up to me and said “don’t just sit there take  the runway” teach others this, the runway of faith. 

Mark Ch. 4. V. 28.


News Letter


January 2017
Greetings to you all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ
My faith is settled in thy Word
Every situation in my life is covered by the Word
Is answered with my faith
Matthew chapter 6 verse 33
“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything will be added to you”
We are not going down
We are headed up
We are not going under 
We are going over
We cheer up because we are going up    [kcm]
This year has seen our faith tried with some serious attacks of the devil. Brian has been in hospital twice but is now very much strengthened and doing so well to the Dr’s amazement. So we have so much to praise the Lord for as He is on our side and at work in our lives Hallelujah.  God’s Word always wins for Jesus has overcome for us to make us overcomers. Walking in faith and the Word by the Holy Spirit.  So we are encouraged and press on to our high calling of God.
Many of our Students have received their Certificates this year and we are very thankful for their faithfulness in completing the Bible School Courses.
Here are some testimonies to encourage you:-
Student in Zambia  I want to take this opportunity of thanking God for you for all Spiritual support you have so far shown me. I was a type of a person who had no regard of to God and to others, but now I am on heavenly high places managing the heavenly treasure of our almighty God.  Thank you for wonderful and inspiring Bible lessons which you are offering from EBTF. I don’t know even how to express my spiritual feelings but all that I can say is, I am blessed, healed and saved in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Having being rooted in the Word of God, I can do things that I have not been doing before such as preaching, delivering, singing in dreams even speaking in tongues.
London Many thanks for your Labour of love towards us. For you are so caring I can know the reason why our Father God cares for you and your husband. Truly you are a bundle of blessing to this generation, especially to us.
Zambia In the first place I would like to thank you so much for my parcel consisting of two books namely; “Turn your Hurts in to Harvest” and ‘God has your miracle on His mind’ by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland to use in my wonderful Course.
Zambia [an older [70 +] student preaching the Gospel in the villages].  I your Student in your EBTF, I am praying for you and I have full assurance that God will help me in my studies with you madam. I know your teaching will build me a lot because I have seen the vision. I expect more lessons from your ministry. The work of the Lord is the most important to life, I have read the anointed letter and I understand it very well. I am very happy to hear the answers from you my teacher. May God continue you with your anointed teaching material. I am here madam to say to you that I have learning more new things from the anointed teaching which you send me. I love your courses very much.
Italy [ex Student]  I prayerfully went through all the testimonies of the Lord’s people and the wonderful work the Holy Ghost has been doing and is still doing at EBTF. Praise the Lord. Beloved, thank you so much for those blessed CD’s. The CD’s came to me as water comes to a thirsty tongue. The only word that came out of my mouth after seeing the CD’s was ‘OH’ what a great family we have in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord. God bless and reward you abundantly. I really appreciate your agape love for me, you are daily in my prayers.
I reflect on what the Lord used your ministry to accomplish in my life, I can’t but lift up my hands in worship to the Lord God Almighty. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. Your prayers are saving lives in this prison, God bless you indeed. May the Almighty God continue to increase His anointing and blessings upon you and your ministry.  FOR THE LOVE OF Christ you have been there for me all these years morally and spiritually. God bless and reward you.
Italy Prison  And may our good God whoso wishes and desires is using your ministry to reach the needs and comfort for all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth and being repent.  I trust and thank our Lord Jesus who has given me this opportunity to be one of your Students and also a member of your ministries. I confirm with all my heart that your ministries has been a great blessing to me because I was once death but now I am alive. Thank you once again in Jesus Name.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude as a dear beloved brother in Christ in EBTF.  I thank you and am greatly in love for all what your ministries has done and offer to me and at times when it seemed to much to bear. I thank God Almighty who has used your ministry to touch my life.  Thank you for the great achievement. I have achieved from your Ministry. I have received my Certificate as a faithful Student. I was overwhelmed with God’s power and His Spirit, when I saw the gracious Father has offer to me. 
Italy  Please be strong and courageous, you are a strong woman and you’re fulfilling your calling from God our Father. May he who has called you lead you till the end in Jesus Name.
We thank all our friends for praying for us and the students in 2016 please continue as we need to hear new direction from the Lord.
We love you in Christ
Brian and Ruth