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It is a joy to see so many new Students now studying with us and we praise the Lord and pray for them to be renewed and see themselves grow in the Word of God by Faith.

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Mark Ch. 4. V. 28.

News Letter

Here are some lovely testimonies:-
ITALY Prison
Thank you so much for your recent letter. It is always a thing of joy reading from you, infact I consider myself blessed reading from you.
I was so happy to receive the CD’s you sent even much more the young men around me were even more happier than myself, why, because they all are hungry to hear these messages. As you know in here we don’t have these things. So each time I share these CD’s as soon as possible.  When I need more I will write to you, thank you for your kindness.
Thank you so much for your spiritually inspired letter which I desired so much to receive at the close of last year but finally it got to me.  The whole contents was well understood and so grateful to hear from you again.  I love to hear from you each time I read through the letter it reminds me of who I am in Christ.  I am very happy to receive your sweet and Spirit filled letter.  Thank you for Psalm 68. v.6 [AMP}. I believe and activate the Word by faith and I receive in Jesus Name.
Thank you for the lessons of Intercessory Prayer and Corporate Intercession.  Thank you for the knowledge I have gotten from EBTF. So far I have experienced God’s power over my spiritual life. My life is not the same.
Dear Ruth may God bless and let him increase your anointing so that you continue to enlighten me on spiritual matters.