Teaching Sylabus by Emmanuel Bible Training Field

Course No.1 


1. Elohim God
2 Jehovah The Lord God or Father God
3. El Shaddai Jehovah who satisfies
4. Adonai Master
5. Jireh Jehovah Jireh the Lord shall be seen there
6. Rapha The Lord my healer the supernatural
7. Nissi The Lord my banner
8. M’kaddesh The Lord who sanctifies
9. Tsidkenu The Lord our righteousness
10. Shalom The Lord our peace
11. Rohi The Lord is my shepherd
12. Shammah The Lord is there

Course No.2


1. Speaking Faith
2. How Faith Works
3. How Faith is Fed
4. How Faith is Released
5. How Jesus is the developer of our Faith
6. How Faith is part of our Spiritual Make Up
7. The Process of Faith is Started
8. Praise
9. Worship

Course No.3


1. The Intercessory prayer
2. Corporate Intercession (breaking through)
3 The prayers of Incense (The prayers of the saints come up before God as incense).
4. Demonic Forces
5. Prayer and fasting part 1
6. Prayer and fasting part 2
7. Healing.
8. Anointing.
9. Agreement.
10. Praise and Worship.

Course No. 4


1. What the Word says about Healing.
2. What did Jesus expect.
3. Who is the Healer.
4. How to believe.
5. Healing or Miracle.
6. How long do you wait for the manifestations.
7. Terminal. (terminal means you have to go in another direction)
8. When you have received.
9. How to keep your healing.
10. How to stay healthy.
11. Do you have a ministry in healing.

Course No 5


1. The hidden wisdom of God revealed
2. To show you things to come
3. How the Holy Spirit comforts
4. Strength through the Holy Spirit
5. When the Anointing comes
6. The Anointing abides
7. Christ The Anointed One
8. We are in Him Christ The Anointed One
9. How do you agree with the Holy Spirit
10. When Christ The Anointed One shall come

Course No.6


1. Forgiven.
2. Healed and Healthy.
3. Crowned with lovingkindness.
4. Satisfied my mouth with good things.
5. Oppression is far from me.
6. He makes known His ways of wisdom and knowledge.
7. The Favour of the Father is on me.
8. Abounding in abundance.
9. From Victory to Victory.
10. Changed from Glory to Glory.

Course No 7


1. Integrity of heart
2. Integrity of mind
3. Integrity of conscience
4. Integrity of spirit
5. Integrity of relationships
6. Integrity of the body of Christ
7. Integrity of Mentors and Pastors
8. Integrity of authorities of the land
9. Integrity of finances
10. Integrity of God the Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus