Bible Teaching


We know that each student is a divine appointment of God and know Emmanuel Bible training Field is here to reach people at all levels in life, with the Word of God. If you would like to know more about the Bible and to understand what it is saying, then these courses are for you.their lives will be changed and they will grow up in God. For Acts chapter 19 verse 20 says' the Word grew and prevailed mightily".

  • If you are a new Christian, just starting on your Christian life with Jesus, then these courses are for you.
  • If you have been a Christian for years but long to know more and more of God then these courses are for you.

Sign up as a Correspondent Student when you will receive a teaching tape, student notes, questions paper and file. Each time you return the questions paper you will receive the next lesson.

Or go on line and study with Student Notes and MP3s   All courses are free of Charge.

What students are saying:

K:- Being a Christian for 10 years 1 have learnt more from the Word of God at Emmanuel Bible Training Field and my life and walk with God has changed. 1 know that God's Word works for me. 1 know who I am in Christ and how to do the Word of God.

A:- People are saying 1 have changed in the past three months. It is the Bible course 1 am on. All the stress symptoms have gone. 1 walked into my doctors and gave a letter saying 1 forgave him and said 1 did not hold the death of my wife against him any more. 1 felt something leave me as 1 walked out of the surgery.

H:- After going to Bible School and learning what the Bible said and how to speak out in faith, my marriage was restored and my two girls both serving the Lord.

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